Stop struggling...

...start moving

Just describe the situation you're in


The open source information first platform
Allows you to add semi-structured data at will, just like a notebook
Explicitly decoupling data from functions
So users decide what function is applied to what data

  • storage
  • routing
  • querying
  • data projection
  • generic api processing user selected data


A different take brings different qualities:


store any data
Any sentence containing a subject, predicate and object is stored

project any data
Any data structure is dynamically build on screen.

store data once
Data is stored at a unique location, available across the whole platform

use data everywhere
The fixed data structure allows Infopalette to work as a data routing platform

retrieve any data
Since all data is related and queryable, anything stored can be retrieved


use your knowledge
Infopalette knows nothing. It requires you and your knowledge to make it work 

use your insight
There is no equivalent to being on site and experience things yourself

ready when you are
Infopalette requires no code to proces data. Just start typing, sharing and querying, what is relevant to you

cooperate directly
Share your data with any colleague. Add your own knowledge and give feedback

support colleagues
Follow the data your colleague adds, so you can support her by giving suggestions


create uniqueness
Allows your employees to treat any situation with any client differently. So your corporate values will be addressed as the situation requires

actuality as a start
Start with what is happening now and process the data accordingly

make a difference
Support your clients in their next step. They know you supported them.